Israel Tour

Israel Tour is a one-month experience of Israel for all those in UK school year 11 (ages 15 and 16).

Noam UK Israel Tour offers each participant the unique opportunity to go on a journey, much more than a tour. We spend four incredible weeks experiencing all aspects of Israel. From the heights of Masada to the salty plains of the Dead Sea, from the bustle of Jerusalem to the serenity of the Negev, Israel Tour will leave each participant with memories that will last a lifetime. Noam Israel tour centres on our five branches: Zionism, Masorti Judaism, Tikkun Olam, hadracha and democracy. We encourage engagement of these in a non-coercive and open environment. The tours are run by a highly experienced and committed team of Noam madrichim. These madrichim focus not only on providing an educational and fun month in Israel but also on making sure the needs of each individual participant are met.

The activities on Israel tour include: Water hikes in Ein Gedi, climbing Mount Sfahot and watching the sun rise over Egypt, studying at the Conservative Yeshiva, spending time with Noam Israel, snorkelling in the Red Sea, camping in the Negev, visiting an Arab-Israeli co-existence centre, learning about the creation of the State of Israel at Independence Hall and davening Kabbalat Shabbat by the Kottel as well as regular innovative programmes run by the mdrichim.

Dates (subject to change): 15th July 2009 – 9th August 2009.
Prices: £2242 for Masorti members

Please contact Leonie Fleischmann (Noam Mazkira/National Director).

Contact telephone:
+020 8349 6655
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