Nativ – Gesher Track

This program focuses on the centrality of Israel for one’s Jewish identity while creating a relationship with Masorti communities in Europe. The program will match an academic semester during its first half, with the participants spending the holidays in Jerusalem and then heading up north to study in Oranim College, Israel’s leading education school, located outside of Haifa, and to participate in an Ulpan program. Nativ-Gesher students will also have opportunities to explore northern Israel through field trips and weekly volunteer work. The second semester will be centered around two stays in European cities, including Budapest, Berlin, and London, each for a four to five week period. In each location the volunteer projects will be people-based and will include work in kindergartens and Hebrew schools, as well as conducting special programming and partaking in group activities and local cultural events.

The primary goal of this program is to give participants an active role in the bigger picture of the international Masorti community. Through working in these communities, and not only touring, participants will gain a deep understanding of Jewish life and Masorti life in Europe. Living in Israel for the beginning of the program will not only accomplish the overarching Nativ program goal of connecting with the land and the people there, but it will give more substance to serving the European communities. As the name embodies, this program will create a Gesher – a bridge – for participants between life in the Jewish homeland and Diaspora communities.

This program is for High school graduates (pre-college gap year) and is for two semesters; First semester in Israel, second semester in Europe with returns to the Fuchsberg Center for Conservative Judaism in Jerusalem between the European trips.

Please contact Yossi Garr, Director of Nativ.

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