Noam Olami seminar 2015

20151024_191656_resizedAfter participating in the 37th World Zionist Congress, 26 Noam participants from all over the world got together for the Noam Olami yearly seminar.
We had a peaceful Shabbat at Kibbutz Almog followed by a long night of work in Agron Hostel in Jerusalem. Our Shabbat meals and services were accompanied by traditional melodies from the different countries, which created a unique and special atmosphere.
We spent our free time getting to know each other and learning about Noam in the different countries. In our sessions we discussed our ideology, our identity and our goals. As soon as Shabbat was over a team stayed on to plan the structure (and implementation) of future programs.
It was a very special weekend, which was eye opening and motivating to us all. It was amazing to see how despite our geography we are all very similar in our beliefs and values, yet we can learn from each other’s experience and from our differences.
The weekend was a great start for Noam Olami this year, it put us right on track, and allowed us to get straight to work!