NOAM Winter Camps

This past winter, 16 camps were held in AmLat with 1623 chanichim (participants) and 409 madrichim (councilors). The different themes for the Jewish camps this year were centered around different aspects of Israel society: from the beginning settlement of Palestine and the ideals of the first olim (immigrants), to the social revolutions and illegal immigration problem mainly in South Tel Aviv. Each camp could choose 2 of these topics below to include as part of their educational content: First Aliyot: Who were the olim?  What did they look for?  World Zionist Organizations: Goals for the past, present and future; Wars and conflicts with the neighbors; The orthodox world vs the non-religious world; The 3 murdered boys. All the camps held a “Zionist night” during which the campers came to the Zionist congress saloon that the staff had decorated with flags, many posters and photos and they participated in the WZO program called Hashagrir (The Ambassador).
Much fun was had by all the campers, but more importantly, their lives have been enriched by the Jewish and Zionist educational content. We especially want to thank the Lipsey and Winkelried families for their ongoing support of the Noam Camps in memory of their beloved mother Elise.

Majane Amijai Majane DorJadash