About Us

NOAM Olami is the global network that connects Masorti youth movements around the world.

NOAM activities for young people aged 8 to 18 exist in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, France, Spain, Germany, Israel, UK, Ukraine, Australia, Uganda, and in USA and Canada where it is known as USY (United Synagogue Youth).

NOAM members join at their local chapters for activities centered on Jewish values, Masorti Judaism, holidays, leadership training and having fun.

NOAM participants also take part in regional and national Shabbat retreats, winter and summer camps, and Israel trips.

NOAM educates its members in Masorti Judaism, Zionism, religious pluralism, Community life, democracy and a strong sense of tolerance.

An important component of the ideology and values of NOAM is Tikun Olam. NOAM members actively work to improve society through a variety of volunteer projects and community service and fund raising to contribute to causes that better our world.


About NOAM Olami

Although different Masorti youth educational activities around the world take on different formats and names, their common purpose is to develop Jewish identity and knowledge among Masorti/Conservative youth.
We see great importance in creating the global community of Masorti youth. It allows us to share materials, exchange ideas and experiences, learn from each other, and most important have an extended family all over the world, which supports and cares for one and other. Being a part of a bigger community both strengthens the individual’s identity and opens endless opportunities for benefiting from joint programs and cooperation.

A world-wide network of Masorti/Conservative youth organizations under the banner of NOAM (Noar Masorti – Masorti youth) Olami aims to:


  • Serve as a unifying force for the different Masorti/Conservative youth organizations around the world.
  • Create significant personal bonds between youth leaders from the various regions and continents that Masorti/Conservative youth organizations work in, providing the opportunity to create partnerships of support, and exchange of experiences and ideas.
  • Develop shared educational resources focusing on Jewish knowledge, Jewish identity, Israel awareness and Tikkun Olam.
  • Create specific partnership opportunities for running parallel educational and social action programming.
  • Create joint programming opportunities in Israel for participants of short-term and long-term programs.
  • Develop exchange opportunities for youth leaders to travel to different countries and take part in educational programming, giving them the opportunity to share ideas and values.
  • Implement bi-annual international meetings during which representatives from the different Masorti/Conservative youth organizations learn about each others organizations, share ideas, and come together to shape the priorities, vision and future of the NOAM Olami network
  • To empower and develop young leadership of the Masorti/Conservative movement throughout the world.


Reut Yahav Battat – Director of NOAM Olami

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